Tips on how to buy on-line tickets safely

First of all, we already got several Safety Tips. They are never enough because there are scammers everywhere and you really need to be aware of the several schemes that are invented daily. To avoid this kind of situations you should always be aware of some key points.

1. When contacting the seller on Seatwish, try to understand how he is. Try to talk, exchange some impressions. Where does he live, if you have an acquaintance or if you can get some additional information before closing the deal. See if the way he answers if open minded or really cold and distant.

2. After realizing some of these factors and whenever you start talking to him, take notice if he answers to everything quickly and then, from one moment to another he does not say anything more, don’t make any transaction. Probably he already sold it to someone or it is a scammer.

3. You can also see his Social Media Profile (If he as one) e.g. a Facebook page. See if he’s active, if he has made a post in the last few weeks, and also if he has more than 1 picture and a dozen couples of friends. That is several key indicators that that Facebook profile is false.

4. Always ask the seller for the original receipt of the item. Whenever you buy something, specially a ticket, you always get a receipt or invoice as a proof.

5. Nowadays, most of the sellers use to have or a photograph of the ticket or the receipt or invoice as proof, even tough, if they don’t have that does not mean immediately that they’re scammers. (Not everyone as a smartphone or a Camera)

6. If you really think the seller is trustworthy, close out the deal. If you’re buying using Paypal the deal will pretty go easily. If you can’t or don’t want to use Paypal, we advise you to make it in person.

7. In person do it in a public space and take a friend with you. You’ll never know what could happen, and it is always better to do it accompanied with someone you know. It is never good to go to a dark alley with money in your pocket.

8. If you’re doing the transaction by mail always remember two things:

- There is a Tracking Number ( USPS Tracking) in almost every package that goes through the mail, ask for it!

- If the seller sends the ticket to a pickup it is easier for you to get to your ticket and you will only pay for it when you’ve got it in your hands.

9. Another solution is paying half of the price before getting the ticket and another half after. Although this is not a good solution and really easily can bring you problems.

10. If you have any more questions, or additional info that you would like to report or know our team is always on-line. We will answer you the as soon as possible by mail [email protected].

In the end always give feedback to the seller, because if it was you on the other end you would not feel comfortable without knowing if the buyer got the ticket or not.

Never do anything that can harm you. In doubt your friends can also help!

PS: If you are robbed you should report it to the authorities and make a complaint, where you should indicate all the data that relate with the offense: email, address, phone number, messages or calls, and if you made a bank transaction you should give the offender bank account number and details.