Safety Tips

How to Sell safely?

- Warn your buyer of every ticket specification.

- Choose the best and safer payment method – using Paypal or in person.

- If you are going to send your ID copy to someone please beware – scammers really want to have access to that kind of information.

How to Buy safely?

- Make sure that you and the buyer have set the payment method. If it is in person set a place to meet so you can see the ticket.

- Scammers sometimes volunteer to send their documentation (ID, Passport, etc) as a guarantee. This does not protect you of fraud.

- Beware if the ticket price is underpriced.

- Be wary of the ticket listing if it is written with some bad English or with lots of mistakes.

- Pay attention to the situation where the buyer is avoiding to meet in person.

- Always avoid payments through Western Union.

- Never send your money in advance via mail - try to do the deal in person.

- Most cases of fraud happen when the buyer and the seller does not meet.

- When possible or relevant, ask for the original receipt or invoice.

- Have SPECIAL ATTENTION when dealing with payments to the entity 11249 called Lots of scammers use this method of payment. Be cautious always when payment to an entity.