Frequently Asked Questions
How can we help?
In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information. If you do not find and answer to your question, contact us by email: [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).
What can you do in SeatWish?
You can add tickets for sale, purchase or swap, free of charge, through the options "Sell, Want, Swap" available in the header of our website.
After inserting a ticket what happens?
The ticket will be immediately available to all members of SeatWish and also for the rest of the SeatWish community on facebook and twitter.
What should I do to increase my chances of selling my tickets?
Share your SeatWish profile page with your friends on your social networks!
How to register in SeatWish?
You can register using your Facebook account or an email address.
I have not received any account confirmation email. What to do?
Sometimes email programs can recognize some messages as unsolicited email (spam). If you did not receive an email from us, we ask you to please check your spam box (or equivalent) of your email address. If you have any problem receiving the confirmation email please contact us ([email protected]). It is also possible that you put the wrong email address when you created your account. If this is the case you will have to create a new account using the correct email.
I forgot my password.
If you do not remenber your password please select the "Forgot Your Password?” button on the login page, enter the email address by which your account was created and press “Recover Password". You will receive in your inbox a link through which you will be able to recover your password.
How can I sell, want, swap tickets at SeatWish?
After registration or login select the event where you intend to sell, buy or swap, complete the form and after submitting the ticket it will be immediately available to the public!
After adding tickets to SeatWish what happens?
Now that your tickets are already available in SeatWish, you just have to wait for offers and select the best deal.
What should I write when adding a ticket?
First you must fill in all the fields that you are asked. You must not forget to set the price it is on your ticket (face value). Do not make excessive use of capital letters. Do not put links directed to other websites. SeatWish reserves the right to remove any listing or offensive content that goes against the good working rules.
How I can make offers to sellers?
To make offers to sellers simply create an account or log in, search and select the desired event. Find the ticket that you want and make an offer to the seller. He/she will contact you trough internal SeatWish messages/notifications.
How I can buy a ticket?
First look for the event where you want to buy and make offers to sellers through the MAKE OFFER button. This button appears when you hover the mouse over the ticket in question. Later you will be notified when the seller accepts, rejects, or is considering your offers. If the seller accepts your offer he/she will contact you using SeatWish messaging system.
How to increase the chances of buying a ticket?
A seller receives dozens of offers so we suggest you to do your best offer. You should also follow the event in question to being notified of new tickets and changes.
Do SeatWish sell tickets?
It is our users and affiliates who sell tickets in SeatWish. We are a platform that connects buyers and sellers in an environment that facilitates deals.
Do i need to wait for ticket approvals?
In SeatWish tickets are immediately available to the public. You don’t need to wait!
How I can edit my ad?
To edit your ticket you must select the EDIT button on your ticket. Make the changes you intend and click Update to update the ad.