Lisbon event guide for the Web Summit Participants

 Are you going to Web Summit (if you do not have tickets get them HERE) and you don’t know what to do or where to go in Lisbon?



We’ve set up a Tour for you! In here you can find tickets to the best live shows in Lisbon:

In Lisbon you’ve always have plenty of things occurring every day, so we’ve selected the best shows that you can watch. We also advise you to use Uber at any time because it is the better, safer and probably fastest way to travel. We’ll start by the 3rd  of November and finish at the 12th. Some additional notes before we start:

Misty Fest is always a good choice since it is a festival that will occur in Oporto and Lisbon and that will bring several artists with different music styles and musical backgrounds. We’ve also selected a football match, a Portuguese comedy theater and a classical music concert just because we know that Web Summit is a real racetrack of events and this will allow you to relax a bit.


3rd November:

We’ll start with Misty Fest that would present Cass McCombs, a musician that connects folk with a strong voice. If you want music that is strongly connected with African rhythms you can watch Dino D’Santiago a natural Cape Verdean and naturalized Portuguese singer.

Also, if you are up to Pop/Rock you’ve got The Kills at Coliseu dos Recreios.


4th November:

At Misty Fest you’ve got Melingo at the amazing Teatro Tivoli, an Argentinian that plays world music with strong Flamenco music, which is very pleasant to everyone.  If you like a more quiet and folk music style you’ve got the Efterklang musician Peter Broderick on a solo project.

If you want to get to a more popular rock concert you’ve got TACOCAT.


5th November:

On this day you can watch an amazing Classical concert with pieces of J.S.Bach and Antonio Vivaldi from the Metropolitan Lisbon Orchestra.

Otherwise you can go watch one of the best Fado singers in Portugal, Cuca Roseta, or the pop Portuguese band Fingertips. If you really are up to the most mainstream music you will have Melanie Martinez.

At Misty Fest you’ll have Hindi Zahra the French/Morroccan singer and actress that has a beautiful voice or even the Portuguese Fado singer Teresa Lopes Alves.


6th November:

If you are up to some sports you’ll have the match for the Portuguese League, between Sporting Clube de Portugal and Arouca.

Rather than sports you've got an amazing concert with one of the best Portuguese composers that is alive you’ll have Rodrigo Leão & Scott Matthew. If you want to get something more funky you’ll have the African singer Carmen Souza with Theo Pascal Trio.


7th November:

This is the Big day, this is where all the tech, entrepreneurs and media lovers will have their eyes pointed at. This is the Websummit day!

If you are not tired after experiencing one of the best adventures of networking in your life you’ll have the wonderful Wim Mertens in Lisbon. This is one of the best composers alive in the whole world, if you really enjoy classic contemporary music, it’s a must go show.


8th November:

Websummit is still on, are you feeling it?

At Misty Fest, Enrico Rava one of the most well-known jazz musicians from Italy will play a show that brings a clash of jazz musicians from different generations.


9th November:

Misty Fest brings Andrew Bird, a folk, indie, somehow dark pop musician that connects an amazing voice with a violin, if you do not know him, this is the perfect time to refresh from Websummit and watch an amazing concert.


If you’re planning in staying in Lisbon for a couple more days after the event we’ve got two more days of events for you.


11th November:

Huerco S. is an electronic experimental musician that is starting to get some traction on the electronic world. Sometimes is act is compared with Ben Frost.

José James presents a show where he crosses the musical styles of jazz with R&B and Soul.


12th November:

You’ll have GNR celebrating a 35 year career. GNR are one of the most known Portuguese pop rock bands, somehow like an Bon Jovi.

Also you’ll have an Acapella Show called “De Viva Voz” that brings together an act of 4 women to sing together in this show.

This is the last and final day of our tour, and we hope that this will keep you busy and satisfied, before, during  and after the amazing days of the Web Summit!


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