How to Buy Tickets at Seatwish - WikiHow Style

You don't know how to buy a ticket using Seatwish? We'll teach you!

  1. Register in our Platform (Website; Mobile)
  1. Find a user selling a ticket for the event that you want.


  1. Send an Offer.


NOTE: Check always for the ticket details or additional information. 

  1. Await for the seller to ACCEPT or REJECT the offer





  1. When he ACCEPTS or REJECTS you’ll be notified.


  1. If it is ACCEPTED you can start by sending a message so he can send you the ticket. If it is done by Paypal your address will show up to the seller.


  1. After that share your pictures and videos in our Fan Clubs!



  1. If you are not using Paypal beware if you do not know the seller. If the seller requires a payment upfront we recommend you not to do it.
  2. If possible try to receive the payment in person. If you’re going to buy by mail, try to get a receipt of the ticket or an image.