Depeche Mode announced as the first confirmation at NOS ALIVE'17

The English band from Essex, that was formed in 1980, will start their 18th Tour named “Global Spirit Tour.” This tour, right now, has 32 venues schedule, and it will commence on the 5th of May in Stockholm, coming to NOS ALIVE in Portugal, on the 8th of July of 2017

For this Tour, Depeche Mode announced a new album called “Spirit” that will come after “Delta Machine” launched in 2013. After 3 years working on new songs the band will have the new album ready for Spring of 2017. The first single will come out in November 2016 when will also be launched a collector edition.
Depeche Mode is considered one of the best pop/rock bands from the United Kingdom, and as earned several awards, since being one of the bands that sold more than 100 million records, won an MTV Europe Music Award and was nominated for 5 Emmys.
The tickets for NOS Alive are already available in the usual selling spots like Fnac, Worten, El Corte Inglés e Casino Lisboa. If the tickets are sold out, or if you had something unexpected and cannot go to, the best alternative is (iOS & Android) where you can buy, sell or exchange tickets for any concert, festival, soccer matches or even theater.
Did you know:
1. The first Keyboard/Drummer of Depeche Mode was Vince Clarke that only recorded the first album of the band? After that, Vince Clarke made the bands Yazoo and the famous Erasure.
2. Depeche Mode was the name of a French magazine and means “Fast fashion.”
3. The original name of the band was “Composition of Sound.”
4. The video clip of the single “Heaven” from 2013 “Delta Machine” was based on the movie “Tree of Life.”
5. The band sold all the tickets for a concert at “Rose Bowl” in 1998 when the album that was along this tour never passed the 40th spot on the Hot Billboard.